The town of Sandanski is located in the Southwest part of Bulgaria.  Since many years the town is a very well-known tourist destination in the Balkans, which has developed particularly during the last few years.

Sandanski is 160 km from the Bulgarian capital Sofia and 130 km from Thessaloniki – the second biggest city of Greece.

Built  amphitheatrically  and surrounded by the heights of the mountainous massifs of Pirin, Belitsa and Ograzhden, Sandanski provides to its visitors relaxation and calmness.

With mild winters, thanks to its favourable geographic location between the Kresna Gorge and Rupel, the town has won the glory of the warmest town in Bulgaria with a total sunshine of 2,450 hours per year and the highest average annual temperature of 14,10ᵒC.

If you are fan of the mineral baths – Sandanski is your paradise. There are more than 80 mineral springs. Mineral water has healing properties and acts favourably in diseases of the digestive system, endocrine disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, neurological, gynaecological and dermatological diseases. The air, on the other hand, has the lowest allergen content in the country, a fact that contributes to the treatment of asthma and various allergies.

A walk in the huge green city park is a must. A river with picturesque bridges, marble sculptures, a lake with swans, royal peacocks and numerous children’s corners make it a perfect place for young and adult visitors.

Very close to Sandanski is Melnik. The smallest Bulgarian town is an attractive tourist destination with its authentic architecture, the well-known natural landmark “Melnik pyramids” and wine production. Also a small distance away is the village of Rozhen and the monastery “Nativity of the Blessed Virgin”, one of the few Bulgarian medieval monasteries preserved to this day.

And finally – time to eat! With wonderful restaurants to choose from.

The visitors can enjoy the traditional recipes, wine from the local wineries, as well as tastes from various Balkan countries.

These are some of the reasons that make Sandanski a very popular destination.